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Penis Extender Sleeve

Silicone penis extender sleeves in India are sex toys used by men. These good-quality silicone sleeves are worn around the penis. As These are hollow from the inside, It is soft, compact, and easy to wear. These sleeves are splash-proof.

A penis extender sleeve for males is very helpful for erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory dysfunction. There are vibrators set inside the sleeve. The vibratory stimulation gives massages to the penis resulting in a stronger boner for a long period.

Benefits of Silicone Penis Extender Sleeve in India

There are numerous benefits of silicone penis extender sleeves in India. Other than aiding penile dysfunction it also helps in enhancing sexual intercourse. The toy has a textured body which adds to the sensation during intercourse. The sleeves are reusable. You can easily wash sleeves with warm water and a mild solution.